Great Organic Superfood Branding Examples

Aside from a great product, what makes superfood branding great?

With a tagline like DELICIOUS. ORGANIC. COLLAGEN-RICH. Sippable Bone Broths & Paleo Soups – it’s hard to not applaud this rising brand. As more people focus on things like gut health, diet, and autoimmune issues; they’ll surely run into the benefits of bone broth online. The Osso Good Company is an honestly good cocktail of protein-packed broths that don’t need any extra soup filler – they are perfectly sippable alone!

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Why is the branding good?
From humble beginnings at the farmers market in Chicago to being printed on all bone broth pouches the logo has stood the test of time and is classic, signature esthetic. They’ve even carried their tone and messaging through out their website and marketing thus far!

Why is the brand name good?
I mean c’mon! If you’ve had a chance to check out The Art of Brand Naming, this company name is both Descriptive and most sought after, Evocative!

What do you get when a PhD in preventative medicine and a Mycologist (Mushroom-expert) start a brand? Om Mushroom Superfood. While it means Organic Mushrooms to them, “Om” is a sacred word and heavily coveted by those from yoga teachers to other spiritual brands. It’s amazing to me they even got the domain, let alone the trademark for the brand name!

Harnessing the power of many mushrooms like Chaga and other ingredients like adaptogens and Reishi Extract — these pouches pack a punch of spiritual healing in the form of vitality, energy, and immunity. Their marketing, logo, brand name, and website showcases that message throughout!


With a wide range of products at, it’s no wonder this is the leading superfood brand out there. They also walk the walk with eco-friendly bio-degradable packaging for their organic foods.

With a name like Your Super, it’s a great goal for them to give back by donating their products to those in need around the world. Check them out online to see how everything they do is with their brand positioning in mind!

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