Why You Love Shopping at Target So Much

If you’re here you might not be surprised that my answer to this is…graphic design.

In “Decoding Target’s Design Philosophy“, Target mentions “From easy-to-navigate store layouts to the product packaging and designer partnerships, design is in our DNA—a huge reason why Target believes in the value of design education.

I absolutely love the perspectives from their design team below as well!

It’s almost become a common joke about Target being every woman’s happy place. Mainly because it’s true most of the time. Why do so many people find it calming to shop there?

The Target brand wants to express value, but they don’t want to seem unattainable. Compare what their packaging design team does for each product compared to similar products…

On average each of their Target branded products sells better than other name brands in their store. The very opposite of sales in big-box stores like Walmart. This is because that bag of spinach along with the item of salt is designed to attract you in so many ways. To stand out against outdated packaging. To be modern, thus in the eyes of Gen X and younger, better.

It’s important that the packaging design’s colors, typefaces, and elements make you feel light, happy, and envoke you wanting to look at them more. It’s not rocket science. Graphic design matters when it comes to all products…

But Target cares about it more than many big box stores. Their creative teams are curated heavily. From 2011-2014 I was so happy to freelance for the Minneapolis creative division with packaging design and display advertising.

To this day I still appreciate the reason Why You Love Shopping at Target So Much is because of the value they set upon the graphic design in general.

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