5 Ways to Overcome Blog Post Writer’s Block

So I as I sit here coming up with the monthly content calendar for blog posts…I’m just dazing off into the distance because I have….dun dun dun…writer’s block…

Most of us write and create our blog posts to flaunt our creativity or knowledge and get praised, right? So what happens when we encounter writer’s block for the creative content we want our readers to enjoy? How do we overcome writer’s block?

1. Free Write

Randomly start scribbling whatever comes to your mind on the paper, it would help you to overcome your fear and insecurities and would surely unlock your inner creativity in the process.

2. Skip the introduction

Just start writing the main part of your blog, leave the rest for the last cause writing the body is easier than writing the introduction for your blog posts.

3. Do something full of adrenaline or…take a shower

Run, exercise, swim, play football or basketball, walk in a park, or anything cause it is scientifically proven that the exercise requiring adrenaline which proves to be the best for your mental as well as physical health will encourage your creative thinking. Funny enough, my best ideas for blog posts always come when I’m in the shower. I have a dry erase board in the bathroom within reach for this reason!

4. Read the comments of your previous blog posts

If you are already a published blogger, just go through the comments of your previous blogs where your admirers praised you and get back your confidence to create something impressive in your current blog. If commentators left questions answer them in the next blog post. Find what works for you from the above and stick to it.

5. Listen to Music

I find my inner calmness in listening to music and I guess concentrating on my favorite music or band, helps me to get back on the writing track.


How You Can Use 360° Photography for your eCommerce Store

Let’s go over how you can use 360° Photography product photos in your online store!

360 product photographer wisconsin

Why Use 360-Degree Images on Your Website

This would enable visitors to rotate the product around to see it from every angle. It’s safe to say that 360-degree or interactive pictures on a website are something of a novelty unless you’re frequently visiting sites within certain niches. However, this isn’t due to a lack of support in modern browsers.

You might not know that regular file types such as JPEG or PNG work perfectly for panoramic or 360-degree images. The two main differences between 360-degree images and “regular” ones are:

  • Resolution. As you might expect, 360-degree images use drastically different resolutions than regular pictures.
  • Lack of interactivity. With a normal PNG or JPEG, you can’t “move” the image around to see new parts of it.


Of course, most professional developers love WordPress because there are no limits on what you can create website-wise. To add 360° spinning product images. The best way to do this is:

Using the Algori 360 Image Plugin for WordPress – This is a free plugin that supports VR (virtual reality). Algori 360 adds a new block to the block editor. You simply upload your 3D image to this block. Note: You can’t use this plugin with the classic editor. Also, you can only add one 360° image per page. First, you need to install and activate the Algori 360 plugin. Upon activation, simply edit any existing post or page or create a new one.

360 photographer wausau wi


The best plugin to use for adding your 360° product photographs to your Shopify website, is Magic360. You can learn how to do so here. Like all extra features for your Shopify eCommerce website, you will have to pay for this plugin. Currently, the plugin costs a one-time payment of $169 to use the app on your website.

Other CMS Platforms

Weeby – You will need to use Sirv to house your 360° photos and then add them to your Weebly store. Thanks to Square, you can add your product photos for free! See the full instructions here.

Wix – Again using Sirv, you can add your spinning 360° photos to your Wix site.

GoDaddy Website Builder – Since GoDaddy Website Builder is a limited platform designed for beginners to be able to quickly and easily put up a basic website, it currently does not support 360° photos for products. 

Need someone to photograph your products and make them spin!? Unglitch.io is offering this service – feel free to see the pricing here. With the technology and the apps that Unglitch.io uses you get seamless product photography at every angle – don’t want to monkey with adding each image to your website — Unglitch.io can also help with that. Get in touch if you want to chat more!



When we talk about web content writing what exactly do we mean?

Recently I got the chance to design and develop for a great blog community and soon to be an online retail shop, Plum Nation.

This uplifting and knowledge-packed source founded by 2x cancer survivor and her nutritional business partner goes through the many different fruits and veggies and their nutritional properties that combat things like cancer, depression, IBS, high blood pressure, diabetes, and so much more.

While they had all the info for their blog posts, they had no idea where to start in terms of writing it for the site or adding value to the content’s SEO. So here are some good tips/rules for writing great web content if you are struggling with that too. Whether it’s for a blog or just general content on your site, this is a must-read for anyone having trouble understanding how it all works.


For SEO purposes it’s essential to jam-pack your blog posts and website content with keywords that people are Googling. Now some people spend thousands of dollars on Google AdWords to drive more traffic to their websites when the right content can get the same amount of visitors at no extra cost.

Keyword-rich posts in blogs as well are a factor as you want people to find your post and share it on social media; piquing interest in your business.


While dropping keywords here and there in the copy of blogs and web content is #1, don’t over-do it. I don’t know how many times I’ve seen small firms who advertise that they do both design, development, and SEO and see SEO as the all-powerful tier of that web project that overdoes it with keyword after the keyword in a sentence turning a sentence into almost jibberish.

A side note of this rule is spelling. While the majority of the population googling something is not spelling it correctly and waiting for Google to auto-correct their spelling – this does not mean the keywords you add to your copy include both the correct spelling and incorrect.


The best part for the website owner writing their own website content and blog posts is sometimes they get to brag about their skills and services in that copy. That’s fine! But do not fill your content with heavy, specific jargon that your reader might not understand just to look superior in your field.

Make your reader happy! The best way to create viral content is to tap into the reader’s emotions, make certain parts of the copy funny, and/or have a personal touch. Enliven a topic that might be dull to some, fun to read for all.

Always end on a positive note too!


If you are pulling content and knowledge from other online sources link their name or buy editorial links sections of the added text back to their website. Don’t be concerned about the possibility that they may leave your site, head to the link, and never return. Besides being the right thing to do in citing your sources, it can also help you with backlinks on your own site.


When writing the Great American Novel, end paragraphs where a pause seems natural. In web content writing realize that people just don’t have the time or patience for all this reading anymore. Keep it short.

Along with this, (and it pains me to say this) keep the reading level low. Like middle school level low. Don’t assume the level of the vocabulary of all your viewers. A great tool to use is the Flesch Kincaid Reading Ease to score your content for this very thing.


Don’t ever assume you can just write something, publish, and then forget about it. Always be updating links in your posts or other page’s content.

In addition, constantly be setting reminders for yourself to re-share on social media. Wait a month or so and re-share an old blog post.

Add content to those old blog posts. Sometimes we get carried away with the fun of writing and forget about the nitty-gritty of SEO. Don’t worry just go back to old blogs and pop some keywords and some links to others sites.

Re-share. Re-share. Re-share.


Which one is it! “Web site” was once acceptable in the late 90’s into the 2000’s, but saying it that way now only points out how you may have removed yourself from certain technologies and modern web surfing. Please call it a website in your copy of web content, in your blog posts, and pretty please; in emails to your designer/developer!


While this may not be ideal, do not prove or edit your own writing. If you must, don’t do it on the same day. The best way to do this if you have no one with an understanding of SEO to proof your copy is to write your content, set it aside, and pick it up another day to proof for SEO and grammar. There are freelancers out there though who can do this for you fast and efficiently. There are a million sources for this.


We all do it! Spell something wrong or use the wrong grammar. I’m guilty of it too and aside from a few grammar nazi type-a’s out there, you will too! Don’t sweat it and go old school with a dictionary or thesaurus or simply just type in your version of a word and let Google search correct that for you!


Go back up to the first section of this post before the start of each tip/rule. Always ask yourself before writing content on a page or blog post, “Why should you care?” about what I’m about to write. Tell them at the beginning. No one will waste their time reading on if you don’t.

Add value and meaning to your content. Don’t just put out there useless info that only makes you feel good about writing it. (See #3).

Also, have fun with this. While the SEO part may seem scary, don’t worry there are plenty of freelancers out there who can help with the fun part and the gritty SEO part.