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We are a group of dreamers and makers who believe that great brands can only be made by people who really care. We are an agency specifically conceived to deliver great design and brand communications across industries, products and services, as well as cultures. One-size-fits-all formulas are not really our thing, and they certainly should not be yours either. This is why we shape our team and processes around our client’s legacy, individual set of dreams and business objectives, each time bringing together the right experience and expertise to solve the challenge in hand.

We are open, collaborative, and use our collective experience, design, and technical expertise to create meaningful and compelling content for all mediums. We embrace new challenges with an open heart, a hunger to learn, and a passion for solving problems.


Jacquelyn Tolksdorf

Creative Director | 33 | Wausau, WI
Jacquelyn is founder and Creative Director. She is hands on in almost every project for the past 12 years that comes through the door and oversees the creative and strategic direction of the company. She received his BFA from University of Wisconsin Stout in Graphic Design and a Minor in Anthropology which helps with a unique take on marketing strategy.

Rochelle Muñoz

PPC Ad Expert | 29 | Miami, FL
Rochelle joined us end-of-September and will be managing pay-per-click campaigns with Google, Microsoft, Bing, and Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and TikTok Ads as well as other digital spaces. Her custom PPC solutions are phenomenal and we're so happy to have her join the team!
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Eddie Johansson

Sales Guru | 39 | Australia
Eddie joined the team in the summer of 2021 as a Sales Guru to connect with great brand owners all through out the world. After a decade recruiting talent for Husqvarna, Eddie has the chops to really connect brands with designers. When not in the office he's usually in a motocross helmet out in the bush somewhere!
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Tamas Calapay

Software Developer | 36 | Turkey
Tamas has been working with Jacquelyn off and on through out the years whenever a project requires in-depth app or software development. Tamas has created beautiful software for K-12 schools as well as many apps for brands with Jacquelyn. If you need an app or extensive software he's your guy for the project!


The Office Brat | 2 | Wausau, WI
If you can't tell, this diva Italian Greyhound is a staple of the office. Demanding cuddles and kisses quite often - she is to blame for spelling errors as she is also our resident copy editor. She'll snag this spot until Fall when we announce of Spring intern!

giving back

Each Winter founder of Unglitch.io, Jacquelyn organizes a donation drive for local women’s shelters. Something we rarely think to donate is often something women fleeing abusive home lives in a hurry forget to pack. Bras. So each year with the help of our great community we collect gently-used or new bras for The Women’s Community in Wausau, Shirley’s House of Hope in Marshfield, and other women’s shelters throughout Central Wisconsin.



We know that what we’ve set out to do is not easy but we do it by always sticking together. We work with a select few clients at a time and we go wherever a project might take us. We are so thankful for our brilliant team members and for technology, we are all keen and perfectly equipped to always stay connected, to keep providing an unbeatable offer and developing truly innovative visual solutions that work for our client’s now, and into the future.

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