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Should You Have Dogs in the Office?

A blog post for The Office Dog (Brat)…

Meet Pixel, the Italian Greyhound and official Office Brat.

I love her dearly! She has a sweet disposition, but no definition of personal space. I know what you’re thinking… She’s probably a go-go-go running around like a crazy dog type. Hahaha! No! She sleeps 80% of the day, demands cuddles 10% of the day, and the other 10% of the day pouts until it’s mealtime.

Before the pandemic, I was on the hunt for a commercial space to expand’s studio from home to a walk-in office/photo studio space. Here’s the thing… I have 2 dogs and have been working from home for almost 7 years. My oldest dog is almost 8 and Pixel is almost 3… Both hypo-allergenic which I can confirm is an actual thing. I’m deathly allergic to most dogs, but these 2 I can nuzzle my face into without any reaction!

Both are well behaved with people they know, but both get a little too excited to meet new people. The old boy needs a 5-minute cool down after meeting a new person. Pixel just wants to meet you and sit next to you right away. If they’ve both met you before and it’s the 3rd or so-on time you come into their presence they could care less about you. (The reason why I’m writing this) The issue is that they’re waaaaaaay too attached to me.


If I leave for more than 5 hours Pixel loses it and a toy or two will be murdered violently and I’ll discover the body(ies) when I get home. While my older dog can hold it that long. Pixel the 8lb monster that has to pee every hour cannot… I leave a pee-pad for her. Subsequently is what brings me to being on the fence of having a public office that has 2 small dogs in it…

Help me decide!

I’d make the office pet-proof. I’ll definitely have pet-free zones and dogs will not have direct access to the front doors where a customer would walk in. I understand that not all people are dog people or would feel comfortable with 2 weird dogs running to greet them.

The Pros & Cons

According to Eden Workplace, here are the pros and cons that I agree with!


  1. Great For Employee Morale
  2. Fantastic for One-On-One Meetings: Are you tired of always grabbing coffee or lunch for a one-on-one meeting? Having an office dog will spice things up. Dogs need to be walked at least once or twice a day. You and your colleague can walk the dog around the block and get some exercise while discussing important matters.


  1. Poop (or pee) Happens…
  2. It Can Get Pretty Distracting

What are your thoughts as someone who would either be a customer walking in and seeing there are 2 dogs in the office OR an employee who has to share their office space with these goobers?