Give these Brands Some Slack

We all remember in 2020 during peak COVID scariness when anything we ordered online took forever. If you lived in the Midwest there was a 100% guarantee your USPS shipment got stuck in Chicago for weeks on end. And while things aren’t as scarce as they were in 2020, the end of 2021 still is having some pitfalls that are affecting brands that ship online sales.

Even more, small businesses that needed to find a niche to sell online during 2020 (to make up for in-person services or sales they lost during the quarantine); are suffering from what’s happening now. So what is happening?

Shipping is still an issue:

The queue of container ships waiting to enter Los Angeles’s and Long Beach’s neighboring ports hit an all-time high of 65 vessels this past week, and they’ll wait an average of 8.7 days longer to deliver their cargo.

The average transit time from China to the US is now 71 days, compared to 40 days in 2019…and you thought your morning commute was long.

Why it mattersThese California ports are the busiest in the US, and they accept the majority of imports from Asia. A snag outside their docks signals an economy-wide slowdown in getting goods → consumers.

To my esthetician clients! They began selling Korean or Chinese skin care products online to make it through the pandemic sales slump, they are now having to wait a long time to get re-stocked.

Product Price Hikes…Again?

Your local stylist to your behemoth Target? Covid-19 worker restrictions in Malaysia have caused the price of palm oil, a key ingredient in every bottle of shampoo, to skyrocket as much as 70%.

Travel restrictions in Vietnam are making coffee beans more expensive for companies like Folgers.

For now, its fine. It will be a really crazy time to buy things come Christmas though. Santa’s elves stationed at Target, Best Buy, and other retailers are scrambling for extra inventory in an effort to keep their shelves stocked for the holiday season.


Staying Creative & Connected During the Ever-Lasting Pandemic

Ever since quarantine(s) started and things began to shut down all around us, I’ve found myself being faced with issues that I don’t have answers for. I am sure I’m not alone in thinking that I truly did not expect to be working more than much less, than not at all… While the state of the world remains clouded in so much uncertainty not too much has changed for me. I’ve always worked from home. Ironically I was about to purchase a studio before the pandemic because…I was sick of working from home. Surprise to me! Nevertheless, this is our current reality, and we must all find a way to adjust and adapt.

The Start

At the beginning of COVID, many businesses I’ve never worked with before realized the importance finally of their online presence and social media marketing. They needed to either be online or improve their online presence with SEO, social media marketing, and better websites. Thus, I was busy… Like I needed 8 clones of me – busy!

I started feeling guilty…

While other businesses had to close with the uncertainty of when they would re-open their doors. I remained opened and thriving…at first…

How I stayed creative: Well… I was busy! So it was easy!

The Middle

Once our economy began to tank and panic started setting in the brands that I work with on a regular basis stepped back from working and even marketing their brands for a bit. Understandable. We all had no clue what to budget for during the peak of COVID. Business slowed down and I got bored…

Something about me: If I’m not busy, I struggle mentally. I know it’s not technically healthy to have a go-go-go, hustle-hard frame of mind when it comes to your job. But I always have. When I had no work I sunk into deep deep depression just like so many of us. It was rough.

How I stayed creative: Reaching out and collaborating with others on projects is a great way to keep the creative energy going. I did just that and worked with brands who like me, are usually too busy to collab! Not then!

The End (Infiniate End of COVID)

And where I am now. A much better place mentally of course! And now that things are picking back and getting back to (semi) normal

How I stay creative: The importance of your mental health in these challenging times cannot be overstated. Looking after your own well-being is critical to the creative process, and meditation and mindfulness can be powerful tools for maintaining wellness. I’ve started taking yoga with Buti Yoga and even learned breathing techniques. I’ll continue to always keep my mental health flourishing to keep my creativity flowing.