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When your website doesn’t reach its potential, neither can you. Bad websites waste time, money, and reputations. Your site isn’t just the face of your organization; it’s what leads your visitors down the path to interact and engage with you.

If it’s not an easy experience for users, you won’t achieve your goals. If it doesn’t tell a story no one will stay on the website for very long.

If it’s not easy to find with the help of Google, what is the point of it existing.

If it’s not a professionally designed website and looks like every other drag-and-drop website how can you portray your company’s worth?

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Day 1: Client Pays 50% of Project

Day 1: Create & Present Empathy Map(s)

Day 1: Setup Domain

Day 1: Setup Hosting (learn more about Unglitch.io hosting)

Day 1: Send Business Info

Day 1: Hierarchy of Pages

Day 3-5: Homepage Concepts (3) – Round 1

Day 6: Initial Feedback

Day 7-10: Website Concepts (cont.)

Day 11: Client Approves Concept

Day 12: Content Research

Day 12: Competitor Keyword Research

Day 12-14: Creative + SEO-Rich Content Written

Day 15-22: Develop Website

Day 15-22: All On-Page SEO

Day 23: Flesch–Kincaid Readability Test

Day 23: Web Testing

Day 24: Client Reviews & Requests Changes and/or Edits

Day 24-30: Makes Changes per Client Request

Day 31: Client Approves Website

Day 31-32: Yoast SEO Tasks

Day 31-32: Tags & Metadata

Day 31-32: Technical SEO: Increase Page Loading Speed

Day 33: Create Webmaster Email

Day 33: Create Email Accounts

Day 33: Setup Analytics

Day 33: Submit Sitemap

Day 33: Create Business Listings

Day 34: Launch Website

Day 34: Setup PR Requests for Backlinks

Day 34: Present PR & SEO (Backlink) Plan to Client

Day 34: Client Pays Final 50% of Project

1 Month After Completion: Technical SEO Check-In

search engine optimization

Unglitch.io provides full service marketing and SEO for all businesses. With over 5,000 clients served since 2009. I refine my offerings by business type and am currently offering a complete business solution for any business to build website traffic, convert leads into sales, and more. How?

On-Page SEO: Creating great web content and HTML source code that optimizes each page of your website to be ranked higher with Google. Keyword research is also apart of the tasks to beat out your competitors online.

Technical SEO: I will speed your website loading time, make websites mobile-friendly, index your website, and access your crawlability across the web.

Off-Site SEO: I will strengthen the influence and relationship your website has with other websites with an online PR plan that helps with backlinks and promotion.

Local SEO: Your future customers need to find you in your area! This is where local listings of your business comes in!

we'll plan your customers' journey

What if you could shape the customer journey to fit each and every shopper or client? Make any distraction magically disappear along the way? It’s a thing. And it’s called customer journey.

We hate agencies that just build a website and they say “See ya!” to brands that are not prepared to manage their website, orders, leads, traffic or SEO.

So we identify lost revenue opportunities on your site BEFORE YOUR SITE LAUNCHES! Find out how you can power business growth by keeping your customer journeys hesitation-free and clearing the path to purchase.